Do you recognize yourself in some of the following situations or testimonies ?

Your context

  • You have to manage several projects head-on and you wonder about the ability of the organization to fully deliver the required quality of products or services, on due time and with expected financial margin
  • You are a growing company developing products or services by projects and the methods that worked on a smaller scale, now generate disorder in your organization, frustration of key collaborators and a feeling of permanent rush mode where everything is urgent
  • You simply desire to improve some of your project management processes

You hear Project Managers complaining

  • We can’t reach our targeted delivery dates by lack of commitment of some team members 
  • We don’t have enough adequate resources on time to deliver
  • We have no authority on project resources 
  • We have many shared resources on our projects and we can’t manage priority conflicts between projects
  • We spend more time collecting data to update the schedules than focusing on the actions to manage critical activities  
  • Our team members receive higher priorities/different objectives from their line manager 
  • Reporting KPI’s is seen as an administrative burden and not as management tools to steer the project 
  • Everything seems OK until 90% of progress, then the project becomes an endless story 
  • We notice that we overshoot the budget when it is already too late to recover 
  • We manage issues instead of anticipating risks. We are firefighters 
  • As project managers, we have to perform all the activities that can’t be performed on time by the team 
  • We have to integrate many changes during the course of the project and this generates high amount of rework 
  • Project requirements often change and it is difficult to differentiate team performance from scope changes as we have moving targets 
  • We can’t solve all the issues and conflicts at project team level and we don’t have an obvious and effective way to escalate and get the right arbitration in due time 
  • When I started as PM, I had to learn by myself, trying to do the job. I had no specific coaching and training
  • Every PM works on its own way. When we have to take over an ongoing project from a colleague, it is difficult to get a quick overview and easily take the control

You hear Department Managers complaining

  • We are blamed for lack of resources on the projects but we receive no request to anticipate the needs 
  • When we make a plan to staff resources on projects, changes occurs and we have to plan again and again
  • It is really time consuming to manage the data to plan the resources on the different projects 
  • Everything is urgent. It is like if there was no way to manage priorities and filter critical activities 
  • The PM puts a high pressure on budget and schedule and we have the feeling that it is at the expense of the quality 
  • As we are facing many changes, we prefer to start working as late as possible to avoid rework. It generates conflicts with the PM 
  • The budget we have to perform our activities inside the project is underestimated from the start 
  • The schedule agreed in the contract with the customer is not realistic. Everybody knows but we keep unachievable targets 

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